Pelvic Physical Therapy

Our goal is to make living your life a priority without worrying about pelvic pain/strain, incontinence and other ailments associated with pelvic dysfunction.
Using a variety of treatment options, we are able to help patients recover and live full, active lives. Manual therapies combined with our biofeedback pelvic floor therapy program and a hands-on approach allow us to successfully diagnose and treat each patient's particular condition.
With our individualized treatment programs, you can return to your daily activities with more comfort and reassurance.


What is the Pelvic Floor?

The pelvic floor is a sling of muscles that sit inside the base of your pelvis. These muscles are so incredibly important. They contribute to pelvic stabilization, sexual function and bowel/bladder function. These muscles can become weak and lead to conditions such as stress and urge incontinence (leakage of urine with exertion or increased urge to urinate). These muscles can also become tight and develop spasms or trigger points. This may lead to pelvic pain and difficulty/pain with intercourse or going to the bathroom. These muscles are just like any other muscles: they have the potential to be rehabilitated. The trick is finding these muscles and learning to regain control and proper tone of them. Using special manual techniques, exercise, and biofeedback, Dr. Jagroo can help you get back to a healthy and more comfortable you.
Dr. Denise Jagroo offers a comprehensive pelvic floor stabilization program. Dr. Jagroo utilizes many treatment options, one of which is biofeedback. Biofeedback allows the patient to see their pelvic floor muscle activity on a computer screen with the use of specialized equipment and software. This helps the patient to learn to be aware of the muscle and control the tone. You will learn to recruit the pelvic floor muscles when you need to close off your bladder. You will also learn to relax the muscles at the appropriate times. The program incorporates pelvic floor stabilization during functional activities so you can practice contracting your muscles during activities of daily living. Dr. Jagroo uses many tools, including manual therapy, to assist patients on their road to recovery.